About RecoveryMeditation.org

RecoveryMeditation.org is a free site to help people relax, become spiritually fit and learn to enhance their life by meditating.

Our focus is to post ongoing recorded guided meditations, written spiritual contemplations and  lessons in forms of meditation that can profoundly transform ones life.

It is our belief that though meditation is widely talked about in the 12 step programs of recovery, most people are not aware of how significant meditation can be in their recovery. That there should be more said about how to meditate and the affects it can have on ones life. To explore and come to understand that different methods of meditation affect the body, the mind and our behaviors differently. In addition to spiritual study and practice, that meditation can actually help one lose anxiety and center their thinking in higher consciousness. That if one is relaxed enough through this natural method, it can become ones greatest tool to not relapse. In my years working as an interventionist and personally as a recovering addict, I found the number one reason people relapse is due to anxiety and discomfort. When our thinking becomes compulsive, loud and too busy, we can get to a breaking point and reach for relief in a chemical or behavior that we were addicted to starting the phenomenon of craving and obsession of mind all over again. It is our experience that if one learns and practices deep relaxation meditation methods daily, they can prevent the state of mind that leads us to breaking and needing to reach for relief. In addition to being extremely helpful in staying sober, the right form of meditation can help one experience a quality of life that was not attainable previously. One can come to know the true meaning and experience of being in the moment, peace of mind, happiness, oneness with a higher power, stillness and bliss.

Joseph Perry a founder of this site has stayed sober primarily by meditating. He is 84 years old and has enjoyed 48 years of wonderful sobriety. Please see the founders page for more information about Joseph.


5 Comments to “About RecoveryMeditation.org”

  1. Thank -,you for the reminder of how important meditation is to this phase of my development in a clean/sober body,spirit and mind. I do meditation on a daily practice although I’m not conscience of it. It has become a way of life for me.

  2. I found your site by accident or maybe not. I believe recovery can be made so much easier by the practice of meditation.I have already told two friends of your site today. I am a CASAC T and a Recovery Coach in NYC.and I try to let people know of the benefits of meditations in all areas of life. Thank you. John Wurzler.

  3. Do you teach meditation?

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