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November 12, 2012

My freedom is proportional to my level of letting go.


“Serenity is directly proportional to my level of acceptance”

My freedom is proportional to my level of letting go.

Come to know what can only remain unknown.
Come to understand what only truly always understands.

If we imposed our will for definition, we will not.


November 9, 2012

The Tao – Chapter 37


The spiritual laws of nature are paradoxical and the path to freedom and authentic being.
The Tao, The Vedas, The Sutras, The Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus are all one, all from enlightened consciousness. Consciousness is a unified field of all life, oneness with all that is in the Universe. The Universe is all an activity of the same creation, we are really verbs not nouns. There is a

imprint of the Universe in the DNA of all life. The path to coming to know the unknown is within in stillness. ~rg

Chapter 37 of the Tao
The Tao never does anything,
yet through it all things are done.

If powerful men and women
could venter themselves in it,
the whole world would be transformed
by itself, in its natural rhythms.
People would be content
with their simple, everyday lives,
in harmony, and free of desire.

When there is no desire,
all things are at peace.

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