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August 28, 2017

Guided Recovery Meditation 07.19.12 by Ricky Gelb at The House Of Life

Source: Guided Recovery Meditation 07.19.12 by Ricky Gelb at The House Of Life

August 28, 2017

I just heard a scientist say. God is in the neurons. – Well, duh, The Mystery is in everything, separation is not possible. Thats why I get a kick watching people looking for a connection with God, look in books, most religions, the sky and many other desperate places. . Man has never created a spec of matter from nothing. We just take elements and process change, but are not of ourselves, we are of The Mystery. Separation is involved with almost all problems if not all. Please take a better look at what youve been given, look closer in the mirror. Like the song, Love the one your with, your with you and God. Theres no possible separation, the answer is NOT out there. Its within. Jesus, Buddha, Lou Tzou, Nanda, Mohamed, Abraham, all ancient wisdom of all, say BE Fuckin STILL and KNOW…….I AM. The first Namaste to all beings was from God her self, when it said to Moses next to the cozy burning bush. I AM that I AM. Get it? If thats Gods name? How often do we use Gods name referring to ourselves, I AM this, I AM that, I AM hungry for truth!!! Namafuckinste ~rg Lord have mercy. Ive been assigned a mountain to move as an example for others. ~rg


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