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January 25, 2013

A Wonderful Time To Wake Up

This is a classic and beautifully spiritual Recovery Meditation. Joseph Perry is 85 years old, 48 years sober and has been being of service to others with meditation for 40 years.

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January 23, 2013

They Should teach unlearning.

They should teach unlearning classes in college. As discomfort comes from not experiencing or living authentic to being. If we lack what we are wired to experience and stuff what is not authentic to being, it adds up to a blind programmed uncomfortable experience. So we look for relief in sex, chemicals, relationships, money, food, and image to quell the anxiety & depression stemming from the discomfort of false being. Everybody is at a different state of subjective consciousness (awareness) and ignorance, its the human condition. By defining god, we just take the infinite and eternal out of the equation as infinite and eternal has no beginning and no end, its not measurable. A definition of god, actually only creates separation with god, if you believe that god is not in every cell and particle of the whole universe including humans. If every cell and particle is not of god, then where did it come from, what is it of? God ether is or isnt. This is repeated in all ancient wisdom of Jesus, Buddha, The Tao, The Vedas, Kabbalah et cetera.  Because they all found oneness w the mystery of creation that we call god in stillness, within (not religion). Jesus did not say start a religion in my name, he said go within and be the light that you are. But regardless of our thinking or beliefs or actions, we cannot take the god out of anything as thats all there is. By defining we are playing god, not loving the creative source for this experience of life.

Man did not create man, so why does he play god. Stillness speaks much greater truths than words.     ~r


January 22, 2013

a self i can love

a self i can love











When I awoke I saw how incredible of a creation I was

Fell in love THAT me, as awakening is to see

I saw that I was not of me, but of the greatest mystery

Wrapped my arms around the mystery & can never let go

Because that is separation and I know that is impossible

I AM THAT I AM in form to experience and add Love

Grateful to be, as now I can Love me ~r

January 16, 2013

ancient wisdom

Wow, the more I dig into the ancient wisdom of The Vedas, The Tao, The Kabbalah, Buddhist teachings I teachings of Jesus et cetera. The more I hear the same, from the same consciousness. They all seem to overlap and be part of the same evolution. Current science also seems to be connecting all the ancient wisdom to modern mentality. ~rg

January 11, 2013

I AM that* I AM.

I AM that* I AM.

I AM that* I AM. As looking out from behind all eyes is the source (of everything). Separation is an illusion. The only time in any sacred texts of all cultures that god identified its self by a name was in the Torah. When Moses was at the burning bush, being sent to free the Jews and when Moses said “What should I tell them your name is”? God said “I AM THAT I AM”. Its God saying Namaste. A message to all that within we are all of the mystery of god in every cell of our being. So if thats true, that I AM is Gods name. Do we not use it constantly referring to self. I AM…….. Also, though many think that the Buddhas belief was departure from the Vedic belief of Atman. Doesn’t the I AM show there is no self (Buddha), if its really all god and all one (Atman). Separation is an illusion. ~r

January 11, 2013

Recovery from false self.

Recovery from false self underlies all recovery. Depression & anxiety mostly stem from holding on to old programming of beliefs, ideals & man made understandings.
These are the attachments that the Buddha was talking about when he said have Emptiness.
When we make such space we find the real us, with no definition, only of god. 

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