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October 18, 2013

Who is your Author?

Joseph  Perry is the best person I’ve ever met.  He’s the happiest, most joyful man, he can not get through a sentence without a smile or a laugh. Even if your a stranger, the likelihood is if you are sitting within reach of him, he will be holding your hand to show love without any fear of doing so. At 85 years old, vegetarian and he has 50 years of sobriety, that is what I consider success and I point it out to my children. Spending an hour around this mans love has done for me more than thirty days in rehab. He is more than a father, friend and teacher to me, there is something that we share, that is in us both and I thank the mystery for this experience. Because all I know is real, is love. ~rg

click play and listen to an incredibly beautifully guided spiritual Recovery Meditation, recently recorded and as you listen, check out his soulful movements when he does these free spontaneous guided meditations, they just flow through him.



Joseph Perry From A Room Of Light


February 6, 2013

Look around.


Look around and see all the open space. In the rooms you may be sitting or the vastness outside; and ponder: What ever created me must really love me, as I can not begin to count all the available breathes to be had. We are always better off then we think. ~rg

January 25, 2013

A Wonderful Time To Wake Up

This is a classic and beautifully spiritual Recovery Meditation. Joseph Perry is 85 years old, 48 years sober and has been being of service to others with meditation for 40 years.

Click the arrow below to listen.

January 23, 2013

They Should teach unlearning.

They should teach unlearning classes in college. As discomfort comes from not experiencing or living authentic to being. If we lack what we are wired to experience and stuff what is not authentic to being, it adds up to a blind programmed uncomfortable experience. So we look for relief in sex, chemicals, relationships, money, food, and image to quell the anxiety & depression stemming from the discomfort of false being. Everybody is at a different state of subjective consciousness (awareness) and ignorance, its the human condition. By defining god, we just take the infinite and eternal out of the equation as infinite and eternal has no beginning and no end, its not measurable. A definition of god, actually only creates separation with god, if you believe that god is not in every cell and particle of the whole universe including humans. If every cell and particle is not of god, then where did it come from, what is it of? God ether is or isnt. This is repeated in all ancient wisdom of Jesus, Buddha, The Tao, The Vedas, Kabbalah et cetera.  Because they all found oneness w the mystery of creation that we call god in stillness, within (not religion). Jesus did not say start a religion in my name, he said go within and be the light that you are. But regardless of our thinking or beliefs or actions, we cannot take the god out of anything as thats all there is. By defining we are playing god, not loving the creative source for this experience of life.

Man did not create man, so why does he play god. Stillness speaks much greater truths than words.     ~r


January 22, 2013

a self i can love

a self i can love











When I awoke I saw how incredible of a creation I was

Fell in love THAT me, as awakening is to see

I saw that I was not of me, but of the greatest mystery

Wrapped my arms around the mystery & can never let go

Because that is separation and I know that is impossible

I AM THAT I AM in form to experience and add Love

Grateful to be, as now I can Love me ~r

August 21, 2012

Its all one

Its all one. We are all an evolution from the horizon of the big bang to this very moment, life is an activity of the cosmos. There is no separation, our problems come from believing we are separate from God, the universe and others. All spiritual laws of nature are the same in every tradition, just said different. There are to many examples of this for me to name, but I have found this truth in all cultures and from many spiritual teachers from The Upanishads in the 5th century, to the hindu vedas and vedic knowledge, to the tao by lao tzu, the torah, the buddha, the cloud of unknowing 14th century, jesus, all the way up to modern day teachers like tolle. And many more. They all say the same things, just in different ways of the times, because they are not making it up, they are observing it, awakening and can see it and then interpreting it in ways that can be digested to others in their times. Being you are talking about Jesus and the Buddha, a good example of what they both said in different ways that had the same meaning was: Jesus: Be in the world but not of the world and Buddha: Have form but emptiness. Both meaning, you are here in form in the material world experience but we are really more of spirit and there for be empty of attachments as its not whats real, only temporary. Basically meaning, our problems come from our own thinking, expectations, beliefs that are all manifested by self. We have been programmed by centuries of what is not authentic to being, from family, school, tv, peer groups and society. WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO. This is well described in the Gospel of Thomas where the disciples came to Jesus and asked “Jesus tell us what our end will be” and Jesus said “You are asking the wrong question, you should be asking what the beginning should be, because you have been off track since the beginning. He said: If you come to know the beginning, you will automatically know the end and you will never taste death.” Stating even our view on death is man made and thats why we possibly view it as a problem or end. All the great teachers knew, be still and transcend thinking then the consciousness will flow in when we are relaxed and not blocking it. ~rg

August 18, 2012

The 2 Steps of Co-Creating

Blue Energy Field by Teresa Wicksteed

The 2 Steps of Co-Creating:

1. Become aware of when our own will is creating a problem or resistance and be quick to take it out of the equation.

2. Learn to surf. 

Note: Going against the power of the ocean will not work very well no matter how hard we apply our will.
But, if you learn to ride the energy wave of the ocean with little self assertion, we can become one with the energy flow just as we can with Gods energy and it allows us to choose some direction. We can turn left, or right, do a jump, go in the tunnel, have an incredible experience of life, in the moment, full of joy and happiness.
So this is really about learning to surf in our daily lives, in an invisible ocean of energy that always surrounds us.
~ricky gelb
July 27, 2012

The inner eye

People that are focused more inward, care more for others in the outer material world.

People that are focused more outward on the material world, care mostly about them selves.



Ricky Gelb seeing with the inner eye
May 9, 2012

The unknown

The unknown

Peace of mind, freedom and oneness with all comes from living in unknowing.
Unknowing is a obvious lesson from the mystery of creation.
Yet schools, religion, or others compulsively want us to believe their teaching of who or what we are or how to connect with God.

Can anyone truly know the big questions of life, where it came from and why?
Can anyone comprehend all the laws of nature, past and future?
Can anyone totally understand or control their own lives or others?
Can anyone explain what existed before this life or after this life?

No. Usually such motives are based on fear, self-centeredness or self serving.

But the unknown is limitless. Love and life was created by the unknown.
God is a mystery yet many have experienced something beyond self in their lives.
We have many blessings of life that show great love and care that came from the unknown, such as our lungs to breath, our eyes to see, our brains to think, our heart that beats. We do not have to try to breathe or try to pump the heart or do anything to these given gifts. We are created by and are apart of the great mystery that shows infinite love. It is beyond our comprehension and amazing without definition.

So why do so many say they know beyond what is perfectly unknown?


May 8, 2012

Ricky Gelb 5.8.12 leading a spiritual guided meditation at Three Jewels Yoga, Tucson AZ

Three Jewels Yoga in Tucson Arizona offers a wide variety of classes in Meditation & Yoga. Thier motivation is to simply help people find wellness & happiness. It is a spiritual & affordable venue, no one gets turned away do to a lack of funds. The following is a link to thier website:

May 8, 2012

Jesus, Buddha & Self Realization

An Easter Contemplation From Ricky Gelb.


An Easter Contemplation From Ricky Gelb


The last time Weekly World Central talked to Ricky Gelb, it wasn’t about being Tucson musician Howe Gelb’s brother, but about his own music career and starting a business.

Gelb was the frontman for the band Low Max from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, and during his career, he’s recorded with the late Vic Chesnutt; Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde; and Isobel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian.

In our last interview, Gelb touched briefly on a time in his life when he turned to spirituality and meditation to help him break from addiction. Today, Gelb is refocusing on what he learned studying transcendental meditation and he wants to work with others as a meditation guide, teaching silent mantra meditation “to help people deeply relax” and ease anxiety. Gelb told The Range this form of meditation is perfect for people in recovery and others who need help “developing self worth.”

Gelb asked the Range if we could share some of his meditations, beginning with this one for the Easter holiday.

Want more? visit or e-mail Ricky at He’s still in theairport transportation business, and you can always listen to his music At the end of this post we put up a video of a recording of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah Gelb did on KXCI with Tucson musician Leila Lopez.

Jesus, Buddha & Self Realization:


Disciples asked Jesus: “Tell us what our end will be” Jesus said: If you havent found the beginning why ask about the end? For where the beginning is, the end is also. Blessed are those who stand at the beginning, for they will know the end, and they will not taste death. 

The sages, yogis & spiritually awakened have been telling us this in their own words for thousands of years. Go within and find the light (meaning awareness). Find the still bliss and quell the mind and in transcendence you will come to know unknowing.

An anonymous christian monk in the 1400’s wrote about the cloud of unknowing and contemplative prayer came from this. Where you would have a cloud of forgetfulness below you and a cloud of unknowing above to unite with the creator. Focus on the I AM God within the soul, the fragment of God within and the essence of life.

As the Buddha said, do not believe what anyone tells you, even me, go within and find the truth, it will get revealed, more will be revealed in the stillness.

All cultures have used sound, rhythm and vibration to go within and connect to the spiritual presence. American Indians have their ceremonies, Christians have their hymns, Jews doven, the Hindus and Buddhists have mantras. These are all forms of Mantras. When we do this the frontal lobes light up like in no other action.

The root word Man means “think” “mind” intent” and Tra means “freedom of bondage” or “protection” So the Mantra is a way to get us spiritually centered and had have the freedom of the bondage of our self centered minds or protection from our thinking. From repeating a mantra we gain consciousness or awareness that directs our thinking rather than compulsive thinking from self centeredness.

Aummm is the sound of the vibration of the cosmos which stems from the beginning that we stemmed from. This is a simple sound that can be repeated for 20 minute silently in our heads that will deeply relax the body and connect us with cosmic energy in abundance through this meditation. we actually get a little of this when sleeping but are usually unaware of it.

Do the mantra twice a day for 20 minutes, 8 hours apart, best done before breakfast and dinner. From each 20 minutes you will get 8 hours of energy. DO NOT TRY NOT TO THINK or to control anything. Just repeat the mantra in yr head, if thoughts come fine they are important, if you have to itch scratch it, if the phone rings answer it and just keep returning back to the mantra for the 20 minutes. Then just sit for 2 minutes with eyes closed when done.
This will transform all aspects of your life if you prioritize the 20 minutes twice a day. Because you will become extremely physically relaxed and gain great consciousness and awareness. Any meaningless sound generated from your heart should also work.

If you focus on God using the cloud of unknowing and the cloud of forgetting you may find unity with creation or oneness with your creator.

Most of us developed a false constitution from childhood, school, home, peer groups and tv despite their good intentions, that cultivated a false inner constitution in us that is not authentic to being. We were taught happiness would come from the physical material world but our essence is of spirit. This has lead to great blind discomfort and why so many people look for relief of such discomfort in drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, money and food.

This is what Jesus was referring to when he said “why ask about the end when you do not know the beginning”.

This is what The Buddha was referring to when he spoke of “form & emptiness” and Jesus meant when he said “be in the world but not of the world’.
Meaning we are here in the now on the planet, but also of infinite spirit and energy.

If we lack the spirit and are focused on only the physical material world we are being directed by the false inner constitution and never knew “the true beginning”.

So go within to the silence by using a mantra aligning us with the universal vibration and rewrite the constitution to a true one. Come to know the beginning and then you will know the end as it is all one.

If you have felt a nervous hole in your gut. It has been filled with self. When we go within in solitude the hole will be filled with the sunlight of the spirit. You will rewrite the inner constitution to one of authentic being. Than the constitution will dictate happiness, being in the moment, self love & you will come to know peace. Then you will attract others that have come to know the same into your life.

with love ~ricky gelb


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