I AM that* I AM.

I AM that* I AM.

I AM that* I AM. As looking out from behind all eyes is the source (of everything). Separation is an illusion. The only time in any sacred texts of all cultures that god identified its self by a name was in the Torah. When Moses was at the burning bush, being sent to free the Jews and when Moses said “What should I tell them your name is”? God said “I AM THAT I AM”. Its God saying Namaste. A message to all that within we are all of the mystery of god in every cell of our being. So if thats true, that I AM is Gods name. Do we not use it constantly referring to self. I AM…….. Also, though many think that the Buddhas belief was departure from the Vedic belief of Atman. Doesn’t the I AM show there is no self (Buddha), if its really all god and all one (Atman). Separation is an illusion. ~r


One Comment to “I AM that* I AM.”

  1. I AM has many names. A few that i know are Jehovah, another is Yawah , meaning Jehovah. Jah, short for Jehovah.

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