My story of addiction and the solution. Speaking to a group of professional men on 07.22.12

This is my story, but its so not about me. After decades of severe addiction, I share how I found a new state of consciousness, gratitude, self love, peace and oneness. This AA meeting I was invited to speak at, is considered one of the best meetings in Tucson. I highly recommend this meeting, the recovery time of this group is incomprehensibly long. BUSINESS & PROF MEN’S MEETING (Men)
Discussion, —- (C) (NS) (WH)  University Medical Center Cafeteria Rm C, 1501 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, 85724

Ricky Gelb 07.22.12


8 Comments to “My story of addiction and the solution. Speaking to a group of professional men on 07.22.12”

  1. I like your tag line. I too think meditation is missing link in recovery (in life for that matter). Would be honored to have you read my book. “Sober Identity: Tools for Reprogramming the Addictive Mind.” If funds prevent a purchase I am happy to forward a comp copy in exchange for an Amazon review … Love your stuff and look forward to learning more about what you do. With gratitude for supporting those of us in recovery.
    Lots of love, Lisa Neumann

    • Lisa Id love to connect and get a copy of your book. Please friend request me if you are on Facebook under Ricky Gelb and my email is rickygelb (the at symbol )


    • I also would love a copy I’ve got four years clean after using for 27 and am loosing coping skills not sure how to retrain my mind however I’m a single mother of a 3 yr old boy and live off the survivor benifits he gets from his dad passing which Is 400 would u do it in payments friend me on facebook please Tina Bushinski if not for the book then maybe as an added support

      • Tina,I would be pleased to support you in any way. Please contact me directly soberidentity(at) (fyi use the @ symbol) if you send me your address I will make sure you get a book.
        My best, Lisa
        ps Ricky, thanks for letting me hook up with folks that come to your site

  2. Lisa I would love to read ur book!!!

    • Dave, You can find my book on Amazon. If money is an issue I am comping my book to addicts, in exchange for an Amazon review. I want to support anyone that is truly in need. Let me know your needs. My email is soberidentity(at)

      All my best, Lisa Neumann
      ps thanks Ricky

  3. Thank you, Ricky.

  4. Listened to your speech. Really great. I primarily see sex addicts and their partners. Carnes trained. Love Pia Mellody, Read facing love addiction once a year at least… Run 2 groups , one for addicts, the other for partners. Will play this in the addict group. Meditation is where it’s at. along with yoga and a few other tools. thank you.

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