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May 9, 2012

Joseph Perry guided meditation at The Recovery Church St Paul MN, March 2012

The Recovery Church in St Paul Minnesota is the first actual church in the USA for people in recovery. Their Sunday morning services mixes traditional Christianity with the 12 steps. They facilitate all categories of 12 step meetings through out the week and on occasion have special guest speaker events such as Melody Beattie. They have invited Joseph Perry a founder of to lead the community in a guided recovery meditation during the last 20 minutes of the Sunday service. The following is a link to the Recovery Church:

May 9, 2012

The unknown

The unknown

Peace of mind, freedom and oneness with all comes from living in unknowing.
Unknowing is a obvious lesson from the mystery of creation.
Yet schools, religion, or others compulsively want us to believe their teaching of who or what we are or how to connect with God.

Can anyone truly know the big questions of life, where it came from and why?
Can anyone comprehend all the laws of nature, past and future?
Can anyone totally understand or control their own lives or others?
Can anyone explain what existed before this life or after this life?

No. Usually such motives are based on fear, self-centeredness or self serving.

But the unknown is limitless. Love and life was created by the unknown.
God is a mystery yet many have experienced something beyond self in their lives.
We have many blessings of life that show great love and care that came from the unknown, such as our lungs to breath, our eyes to see, our brains to think, our heart that beats. We do not have to try to breathe or try to pump the heart or do anything to these given gifts. We are created by and are apart of the great mystery that shows infinite love. It is beyond our comprehension and amazing without definition.

So why do so many say they know beyond what is perfectly unknown?


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